BP Fridays: 4.13.2018

https://open.spotify.com/user/1241786583/playlist/6YlbQQobN3HlkJZGzzAwP5?si=6T7663gwTmSyok2NjRjAMQ Thiiiiiiiiiiis week my friends, we have reached PEAK millennial. As promised, today I have **avocado toast with Sriracha.** It was, unsurprisingly, the bomb diggity. AND, this week we have a special edition of BP Friday. All week I've been listening to almost nothing but Taylor Swift's first album entitled, Taylor Swift. Don't ask me… Continue reading BP Fridays: 4.13.2018

BP Fridays: 4.6.2018

https://open.spotify.com/user/1241786583/playlist/5Wklw84EoSglXL7M96lX7j?si=ZT2DFFOzRDaxAc7ukCS9-g Back at it again with another round of food 'n tunes. I know that's not a thing ppl say but I'm rollin' with it cus it's FRIIIDDAAYYY and it has been the longest week ever, no? And April is kind of the longest month ever because we're almost in the clear of winter but… Continue reading BP Fridays: 4.6.2018

BP Fridays: 3.30.18

https://open.spotify.com/user/1241786583/playlist/6nNKZVNJqYdA2voFFwxxJU?si=xqCj2L5lTh6kMpGRsYZarQ   Ok. So some days you get to work early, you whip up some real live oatmeal, not even the pre-packaged kind, and you add some fresh fruit and honey like the put together person you are. You feel like a million bucks and also a Kardashian. Other days, that is a just a… Continue reading BP Fridays: 3.30.18

Breakfast Playlist Friday 3.16.18

https://open.spotify.com/user/1241786583/playlist/50wLKhUOETMV3CCFEZI4P4?si=3Kv8TzAPTgKU2HQ3cR1HoQ So, I'm 23, I have an iPhone and there was fresh fruit at my work. Naturally, being your average everyday millennial I snapped a quick pic before anyone could see and rightfully make fun of me. Then, I started doing what I usually do, scour Spotify for new music to listen to throughout the… Continue reading Breakfast Playlist Friday 3.16.18