It says to put something “About Me” here, but this blog isn’t really about “me”, per say. I love music. Love it like carrying a boom box over your head, refusing to get on a floating door in the Atlantic (because no they both wouldn’t have fit), smashing a┬áDemagorgon’s head in with a bat of nails for it kind of love. So I’m here as the agent to deliver music to whoever wants to listen. I hope to share what means the most to me, and have it mean bio picsomething at all to you. As a current Bostonian, I want to share upcoming concerts with you guys, info about the artist’s and their tours, and ways to see them. I’d love to curate playlists for you based on events coming up, or different moods throughout the day with songs that I can’t stop playing myself.

So while yes, that’s my “About Me,” my goal is to make this page about a few other things. The music. The artists. The emotions we derive from hearing all these notes come together, and you. I’m ALWAYS open ears when it comes to music. Send me your rec’s, tell me you love/hate mine! The point is to share, and learn and be an advocate for music- not just a fan.

I’m a newbie at this… be kind, I’m growing. But just know that if you’ve come across this page because I literally asked you to, or you saw it on another social media account, or you’re like me and scour the internet for fresh finds, I hope you’ll listen and come back and start a conversation about the one thing that is always universally gratifying: Music.