Parks & Recreation: “Wildflowers”

For all the moments that this show is laugh out loud funny, and Andy Dwyer says something so outrageous that it reminds you why you love the show all over again, Parks & Rec has some surprisingly poignant emotional moments. One, being the season 6 episode 12, Ann and Chris. Aptly named, the episode centers around Ann and Chris, and their departure from Pawnee to start their family in Michigan. Of course, the episode starts off quirky and light heart-ed with Leslie planning to throw her best friend the best going away party, and it ends with a scene that I think most people can really relate to.

It is never easy to say goodbye to someone who has shaped part of who you are, to wake up and realize that they aren’t in that same space they were. Parks and Rec does a fantastic job in showing the viewers that in a very real portrayal of Ann and Chris driving away. What helps, in my opinion, is their use of Tom Petty’s Wildflowers, which has always been a favorite song of mine. Light and melodic, while holding depth in the way Petty shows how in some way or another, we all need to move on in order to find ourselves. It wouldn’t have been wise to put a Sarah McLachlan song there (although Leslie did put it in the mix tape she made for Ann), and the scene wouldn’t have been as heartfelt with a light bop that didn’t hold the depth of what was happening. This song was the perfect choice, and relatable enough for a scene meant to strike a chord with anyone who has faced loss in this way.

And now, I shall have Wildflowers on repeat for the rest of the day while contemplating life choices– in a fun, upbeat way. I’ll leave you with the episode here (sorry couldn’t find just the clip so skip skip skip to 19:49.)


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