Concert Review: Jade Bird

27 Sept 2018- Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA

Entering into the dimly lit decently sized concert space, I was feeling genuinely excited about this show. I had started listening to Jade Bird back in February, missed her in April at The Sinclair, and was finally getting to see her perform some of my favorite songs. We grabbed our drinks and weasled our way up as far as possible to see her (moderately difficult as she has gained quite a U.S. following.) The lights dimmed even further and one by one her band mates came on stage. “Interesting,” I thought, as at her last show I heard it was strictly her and her guitar. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then the first chord rang out, and I forgot about everything else.

She started off slow, with one of my favorites, “What Am I Here For,” a tender ballad about loving someone more than they love you, and wondering why you’re staying. Her voice is one of the few and lucky that is actually better live. She puts so much raw jade bird 2.jpgemotion into her songwriting and is able to translate that into her singing in a powerful way. Listening to her makes it easy to forget that the world is rather quickly going to shit. From there it was non-stop music, a few breaks to make some quirky jokes, and a 2 song encore. Everyone was into it. Her band played off of her incredibly well, and she even did a few songs just her and a piano which I found especially well received. She finished with “Something American,” my all time favorite Jade song, and put me right over the edge from fan, to FANNNN.

She is currently working on new music and I have no doubt that she could dominate the charts- should she choose. Something tells me Jade does her own thing, no matter what people may be telling her and that is something I can really get behind.

Check out the rest of her shows here, (sorry they’re all UK lol) and be sure to follow her on Spotify to catch her new toooooonz. I’ve attached her EP below.

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