Recently, I’ve been on a British Invasion kick. Which is funny because before I decided to try the genre out I was listening strictly to the Beatles 1 album. (Which I would be perfectly content with either way.) But as I sometimes do, while going through my regular queue of Beatles greatest hits, I started down a rabbit hole of other bands that emerged around that time and found myself really enjoying the variations and styles that these other bands were bringing to the US Market. I broadened the timeline to be a little before and after what is considered the years of the first British Invasion, and found myself listening to Badfinger. Technically a product of Apple Records (owned by the Beatles), Badfinger came onto the scene in 1961 as The Iveys, until 1969 when they were changed to Badfinger (inspired by the working title for, “With a Little Help from My Friends,” which was “Bad Finger Boogie.”) They honestly do sound very similar to the Beatles, but I think they still maintained a unique enough sound that set them apart from the icons that were helping them get their start.

Principal members were Pete Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans, and Mike Gibbins. Badfinger had a tough time with fame. Stan Polley was their manager and ponzi schemer extraordinaire, who managed to scam them out of almost all of their money made from album and touring sales. This, and the rocky relationships with other band members, led to the suicides of both Pete Ham (1975) and Tom Evans (1983). So, while their backstory has some really sad aspects, the band’s creative and musical styles were loved by many and are still popular today. My favorites by the band are “Dear Angie,” “Day After Day,” and “Come and Get It” (which they hated to play as fans associated that song most with their Beatles sound.)

I’ve attached their compilation album Timeless below. Let me know what you think of these homeboizzzzz and til next time! -TUA


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