Friday Night Lights- Devil Town

Who doesn’t like Friday Night Lights?? Seriously I want to know so I can send you the full disc DVD box set with commentary by yours truly addressing why you should. We can circle back to that later but I wanted to focus on a song heard multiple times in the series- Devil Town. The song which is originally by Daniel Johnston, takes on a darker, folkier edge with Tony Lucca’s cover. Fun fact is that Bright Eyes was originally slated for their version of the song (my favorite) but they declined. So, Lucca was used instead and integrates so well with the FNL theme, in my opinion. The song is played for the first time right after the Dillon Panthers win their state championship and are parading through town. I love it so much because in the movies and TV shows where the heroes are triumphant, you’d normally hear an inspiring song with a huge hook that makes you want to get up and cheer. However, Devil Town, with all it’s subtle nuances makes it even better.

I was living in a devil town, I didn’t know it was a devil town. Oh, Lord it really brings me down about the devil town…

It is hinting that maybe this town’s extreme fascination with these young boys and their talents on the field isn’t healthy- it’s actually a little venomous as it seeps into the players’ personal lives. They all have baggage and issues that affect them on and off the field. Devil Town is a brilliant portrayal of how things might look neat, but if you turn your head just slightly, you’ll see how messy things have actually become.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact clip and in the words of Drake, I’m upset. But here’s a compilation video with the song over it. It’s Season 1 Ep. 22 IF you feel so bold as to look it up. That’s all for now theya!

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