The O.C.- Dice

One of my favorite ways music is utilized today is as a tool to enhance a scene in film or TV. I think it’s the coolest thing ever and it can make or break an entire piece of work in my opinion. When everyone else is watching a movie and sucked into a scene because of the audio/visual duo, I’m usually looking up the Music Supervisor who thought of such genius. And now I want to share some of my favorite moments in music magic brought to life on the big (or small) screen.

In order to do this right, I have to begin with a legend. And that legend has to be Barney Stinson legendary. So naturally, we start with my hero, Alex Patsavas. Her work on the O.C. not only got so many unknown bands recognized, it paved the way for music to be used as an agent to deliver meaningful scenes in TV and film, not just as a secondary thought.

My FAVORITE scene that she worked on is the New Year’s Eve scene in season 1 episode 14 of The O.C. when Ryan is running up the stairs trying to get to Marissa in time. It’s everything my pre-teen heart could have wanted and everything my mid-twenties self needs. Clip below and ennnjjjooooyyyy the nostalgia.

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