Concert Review: Cautious Clay

2 May 2018- The Great Scott, Allston, MA: In Boston, the Great Scott is one of my favorites venues. It can house maybe 100 people and in the back there’s a small stage not 4 feet above the ground that holds some very promising acts every night. My friend had told me he got tickets to see someone named Cautious Clay and asked if I wanted to go. Never one to turn down a concert, esp one at The Great Scott, I said yes. I spent the week leading up to the show listening to Cautious Clay, which didn’t take very much since he currently only has one album released to date- Blood Type. It certainly packs a punch though.

Joshua Karpeh is the 24 year old musician/producer behind the name Cautious Clay, and has been producing for roughly 7 years, and playing instruments such as the Sax since he was a kid. Through a well balanced medium of organic and electric sounds, Cautious Clay is able to take his thoughts and create music that a lot of people seem to relate to. Starting out by releasing his own singles on SoundCloud, and then producing his EP for Spotify and Apple Music, you can tell that he has no intention of slowing down or changing lanes as he grows in the public eye. On Blood Type, I could not stop listening to “Stolen Moments,” which takes on a slower, more organic sound and plays on his impressive vocal skills. I also love “Juliet and Caesar,” and the energy that he brings to a song about love lost and how it is not always something to sulk over.

On stage he brings a presence that shows he is doing this for him, and anyone else who wants to join the ride is welcome, but it’s not necessary for his happiness or scale of success. He clearly loves making music and when people can relate to what he’s saying. I was able to meet him briefly after the show, and he is just as humble and appreciative off stage. I can tell he won’t be playing shows like the Great Scott for long, so if you get the chance definitely try to catch him soon. His show schedule is here, and I’ve attached his EP below. Lmk what you think, as always! xxx

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