On The Rise: Josie Dunne

I find Instagram ads annoying… let me stalk ppl’s lives in peace. HOWEVER, today I was not as annoyed because in between my high school nemesis’ and my best friend’s cousin’s stories I saw an ad for Josie Dunne. It was for her new single Good Boys, and it took about 3 beats before I did the unthinkable a clicked on the ad. Now they can spam me forever. But for this, I really wouldn’t mind. I love Josie’s sound. It’s got a little Motown feel layered over modern pop with REAL instruments. No judgement against computer made beats- but I feel the balance is shifted disproportionately and props to those who are bringing back a classic electric guitar.

Josie is very fresh on the scene, having released her debut track, Old School, in February of this year. Current Nashville resident, her Spotify bio claims she was born to be an artist, with all of her siblings having their go in the art sphere- whether it be dancing, painting, or music. She taught herself piano and guitar and started flying to Nashville in high school for writing sessions. Her dedication to the craft really shines through in both of her singles- as well as on her Instagram (which naturally I stalked after seeing the ad.) She’s cute and fun and hip like what you’d expect from a girl exploring the pop culture, but she plays a dope electric with a fire that you know she didn’t pick up from listening to top 40 radio.

I think this girl has a lot of promise and also seems cool and if you’re ever reading this Josie and you want to be friends hmu I also like parakeets. No tour dates set yet, but follow her e-mail list if you’re hooked like me and want to see what kind of show she puts on. I’ve attached her Spotify below, lmk what you think!

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