BP Fridays: 4.6.2018

Back at it again with another round of food ‘n tunes. I know that’s not a thing ppl say but I’m rollin’ with it cus it’s FRIIIDDAAYYY and it has been the longest week ever, no? And April is kind of the longest month ever because we’re almost in the clear of winter but it’s not quite warm weather. If it wasn’t my birthday month I would not be happy with it at ALL.

Anyway, this week New Music Friday and my Release Radar playlists on Spotify were kind of fire so there’s a lot of newer stuff on this one which is cool. Let me know what you guys think of these puppies.

And now I’m absolutely going to tell you how I made this protein waffle and filled my body with ~health.~ I snagged the recipe from Loving It Vegan, and added in Trader Joe’s natural peanut butter. Whisked all the ingredients together and threw it in my waffle iron which is single-handedly the best purchase Amazon has ever graced me with, and bam… my favorite breakfast food ever without having to feel bad about eating 7 of them in a row. Added on some dark chocolate chips and maple syrup cus I can and it was delicious!! OKAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE FOOD ENJOY THE MUSIC AND THE WEEKEND MY LITTLE SUGAR PLUM FAIRIES.


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