BP Fridays: 3.30.18


Ok. So some days you get to work early, you whip up some real live oatmeal, not even the pre-packaged kind, and you add some fresh fruit and honey like the put together person you are. You feel like a million bucks and also a Kardashian. Other days, that is a just a dream that you wake up from when you realize your alarm has been going off for 10 minutes and you’re going to be wildly late. SoOoOo, after running (literally not figuratively) to work and grabbing as much coffee as this cup can fit, it’s time for BP Fridays 2!!! I’m so amped up on caffeine right now so let’s see where this baby takes us. So happy Friday, and happy Good Friday if that’s yo thing, lmk what you think of the 2nd edition of breakfast and music all wrapped up into one convenient millennial post.

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