Breakfast Playlist Friday 3.16.18

So, I’m 23, I have an iPhone and there was fresh fruit at my work. Naturally, being your average everyday millennial I snapped a quick pic before anyone could see and rightfully make fun of me.

Then, I started doing what I usually do, scour Spotify for new music to listen to throughout the day. As I was talking to my friend and showing her said breakfast pic bc of it’s beauty, she suggested that maybe I start curating a breakfast playlist for all like, 6 of you, and give you something new or refresh your memory on something classic to listen to on the best day of the week.

Thus, Breakfast Playlist Fridays were born. It gives me an excuse to: A) continue taking pictures of my food and acting like a real, cool Instagram blogger. B) curate a new playlist every week which is top 5 activities for me. C) share it with anyone willing to listen since that’s the whole point of this dog and pony show. (Bonus, have always wanted to find somewhere to use that rly weird phrase.)

In conclusion, here’s the playlist and my food. Bye!!!!

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