Delta Rae

A band that I continuously come back to if I’m in a ~mood~ is Delta Rae. I don’t even think I could describe the specific mood if I tried. It’s not quite contentment because there’s a bit of nostalgia, but there’s also some solemn undertones. . . Idk, it’s weird but if you know what I’m talking about then a) you’re a mind reader and b) listen to Delta Rae.

I first heard their song, “Morning Comes,” on a Saturday morning in high school, watching MTV’s morning countdown. (Seriously, until I wrote that I forgot about Saturday morning countdowns- and cue that nostalgia.) “Morning Comes” instantly grabbed my attention because of the smooth, encapsulating harmonies kicking it off. Then, it swings straight into strictly piano that gives it a bluesy/souls-y vibe. Eric Holljes takes the reins on the vocals here, although for a majority of the songs his sister Brittany Holljes and Liz Hopkins lead in that department. Eric’s voice is what genuinely kept me listening. That, and the lyrics seriously related to my angsty suburban teen seldelta rae 2f. So while I cringe thinking about how much I thought I was lost back THEN, the lyrics still apply today.

Delta Rae is a sextet with familial ties, as three members are siblings. (Eric Holljes, Brittany Holljes, and Ian Holljes.) Add in Liz Hopkins, Mike McKee and Grant Emerson and you’ve got the whole crew. Coming up from Durham, NC, their country-rock style blends almost effortless with earthy folk that most people can at least bob their head to. No twangy country, no dark folk personas. Somewhere in between, they have found their niche in the industry.

They have two full length albums, Carry The Fire, and After It All. My personal preference is the former, but both are really just solid pieces of art. They also have two EP’s out, A Long and Happy Life EP, and The Blackbird Sessions that was just released last month. A Long and Happy Life EP features another personal favorite of mine, “No Peace In Quiet.” It’s haunting and endearing and Liz Hopkins’ vocals bring it all home. It’s a very personal song… probably why I like it so much. It’s also their next single and is being put in rotation on country radio, so you may be hearing more of these guys very soon.

If you’re interested in seeing Delta Rae, find their tour schedule here. And check out their attached Spotify page below.

**Disclaimer: Should also be noted that one time in 11th grade I tweeted at them and they Favorited it so we are basically great friends**

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