Concert Review: The Killers

1 Jan. 2018- TD Garden, Boston, MA

Ok, ok so I know that the Killers aren’t exactly an, “off the radar” type situation like I usually write about. But, I will say that if this post convinces even one person to grab tickets to The Killers’ next show, I’ll be happy.

Everyone can get down with scream singing “Mr. Brightside,” and that’s not even up for debate. However, The Killers actually have a lot of great stuff that maybe you either haven’t ever heard, or if you did you’d say, “Oh, that’s The Killers?” Songs like, “All These Things That I Have Done,” “Read my Mind,” or “Runaways.”

To give my undiluted, honest opinion; lead singer Brandon Flowers is nothing less than electric on the stage. I imagine it must not always be easy to keep up that same energy show after show, tour after tour, but somehow he does. Granted, the show I saw was only half of the original members of The Killers. Bassist Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning the killers 2both took time off for this tour, although they are still part of the band and they play for  the album which this tour supports. Even so, and maybe it was because I had nothing else to compare it to, the band seemed to mesh together effortlessly and gave a cohesive sound that I expected, having listened to the album.

Starting off with with the title song of the tour, “Wonderful, Wonderful,” the band needed no time to figure out their groove. Something I really enjoyed was the way the set list swayed in and out of new work, and old classics. You’d be listening to “The Man,” also off of their newest album, and then before you know it you’re scream singing “Somebody Told Me,” and you’ve lost your voice. The repertoire was cleverly constructed to adhere to fans who went because they found cheap tickets on Craigslist and said “Why not?” And those who have been following the band’s every move since their origins in 2001 Las Vegas.

Obviously, their encore ended with Mr. Brightside. So the angsty teenager in me, all the way up to college girl me who thought she was cool when she played this at parties, lost their shit. It was worth going for that alone. Along with reminiscing on a couple other favorites of mine, I was able to find new appreciation for their most recent work.

What I’m saying here is that unless you really truly hate them or that kind of music, I’d say it’s hard to have a bad time at a Killers’ concert. If this has at all piqued your interest, you can find their tour schedule here. And for my fellow Bostonians, they are headlining Boston Calling Memorial Day weekend along with Eminem and Jack White, so frick yeah to that and see you there.

I’ve also added Spotify’s playlist, “This is: The Killers,” just to refresh your memory…



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