On The Rise: Jeremy Tyler

jeremy tylerOver the summer, while sitting at my desk scrolling through Facebook and trying not to fall asleep, I came across a sponsored ad for someone named Jeremy Tyler. It was a music video of two people dancing around on the beach and I thought, “Ok well I wish I was on a beach,” and clicked on it to vicariously live through these people. As soon as the music started to play I genuinely thought it was a Michael Bublé song. But the Facebook ad was for Jeremy Tyler? I clicked on the page and low and behold, Jeremy Tyler is not an alias of Bublé- just a boy from Salt Lake City who sounds very, very similar.

I was intrigued in how he was actually different than Bublé, and started to listen to more of his stuff. His debut album, Maybe You’ve Felt This Way, was produced, written and engineered by Tyler, himself. The more I listened to him, the more I could hear the differences that he brought to the table. For one, Tyler’s not re-creating old crooner and big band tunes, he’s taking his classic vocals and intertwining that sound with fresh beats and layered acoustics that are able to set him apart. There were even a few songs reminiscent of John Mayer- such as the intro to “My Lovely Bird.” He’s a culmination of some of the best parts of other artists I love, and creates his own sound with the pieces. Also, given the fact that is was produced and engineered by Tyler himself, with no help from a label, the sound quality on the album is great.

“The Other Side of Love” is a favorite of mine on the album. It incorporates those classic elements of older songs, while still having a fresh air about it. Tyler is also a very talented lyricist, in my opinion. Looking through the many positive reviews about Tyler on Facebook and iTunes, I would say if he can gain more momentum in the promotion of his record, he’s got a chance of becoming a real contender for a spot on the charts. When I first found him in July, the song which he was promoting, “Let’s Never be Ex’s,” had 800 plays on Spotify. Today it has a little over 120,000. I guess a lot of people out there were curious about the people dancing on the beach- like me. If he can keep this up I have no doubt we’ll be hearing plenty more from him in the months to come.

Give him a listen below, and let me know what you think/if there are any other genres you’d like me to focus on. No shows available for Tyler yet, we’ll see if that changes soon!


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