Concert Review: Aqueous

Nov 30th 2017- The Great Scott, Allston, MA

On Thursday, I got a chance to catch Aqeuous in all of its jam band glory. This is my first time seeing a jam band- usually I’ve never gotten super into that style of music other than a few Grateful Dead songs- and even that took some convincing from my very own father. I do think that for some people you have to really switch your mindset to enjoy a jam band. I play piano and guitar, and I grew up learning both in a very structured way. Piano lessons since I was in first grade had sewn the seed for me to explore more classical music (probably the furthest thing from jamming), and made it so that that was the kind of music I sought out. Maybe not exactly searching through the radio for Beethoven, but enjoying songs with a specific structure that created a song as a whole.

So needless to say, when the show began it took me a second to adjust. However, watching these guys use their instruments as a tool for experimentation instead of a way to deliver a practiced, polished version of  something they’ve been working on for months was really refreshing. Here’s a link to a HuffPost article about why Aqueous is a band to watch. It’s a cool read about who they are and how they fit into today’s music scene.

Overall, the concert was huge fun. The crowd was moving, the band was having a great time and because the venue we saw them in was so intimate, you could really see how off the cuff these guys were going and how much it paid off for them. Not sure if I’d see them again just because of personal preference- but if jam band is your scene I do highly recommend giving these guys a listen below.



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