On The Rise: Greta Van Fleet

“Did you know there was a tower
Where they look out to the land,
To see the people quickly passing by
This is for their own desire,
As they spit down to the earth
To feel the power pouring in their veins”

If that sounds reminiscent to you of a b-side Zeppelin track, or an underrated song off of The Who’s The Who Sell Out, you’re not that far off conceptually… just in your timing. Greta Van Fleet has hit the music scene this year with both feet firmly planted, with the determination of bringing back rock and roll in an age where you’d be hard pressed to find those classic guitar riffs or massive vocals on any top 40 radio.

Image result for greta van fleet
From left to right: Jake, Josh, Sam, Danny

Comprised of Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, along with Danny Wagner, the quartet brings garage band rock to a whole new level. Originally from Frankenmuth, Michigan (pop. 5,131), the boys literally started playing as a garage band. Josh, Jake and Sam are all brothers joined by childhood friend Danny, wasting no time making themselves heard.

According to an article in Billboard, the band signed to Lava records in March and dropped, From the Fires, their double EP just one month later. Highway Tune spent a very comfortable 5 weeks sitting at No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart.

My personal favorite on the EP is, Black Smoke Rising. That’s where those lyrics come from. Starting off with a simple guitar riff, and bringing in heavy drums sucks you in, while Josh’s powerhouse vocals keeps you enveloped until the song’s fade out. The instruments blend seamlessly while still standing out in their own right- a hard feat to accomplish in my opinion but very well executed for such a young band.


I’ve attached the entire double EP below. I know it’s definitely a departure from my last On The Rise, but that’s what this blog’s really about… hearing it all. Let me know what you think of these guys.

If you listen and love em and wanna see them, here’s their tour schedule. (Sorry Boston peeps.. they already played Great Scott back in August… tragic). Here’s to hoping for a festival circuit.


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