Jim Croce

We need to talk about Jim Croce. There is SO much I could say about Jim Croce. Most important is that I miss Jim Croce, and that’s coming from someone born 21 years after his death.

Jim Croce was a prevalent voice in the American Folk movement that was underway in the 60’s and 70’s. I won’t get too into his life story here, because a great biography is posted on Jim’s official website.jim-croce

I will say that the way Jim wrote about everyday occurrences… in all their beautiful, mundane, sometimes painful glory is what makes him a truly great lyricist and musician. The first time I realized I loved Croce was when someone told me to listen to Time in a Bottle. Time in a Bottle is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s tender and aware and all things good music should be. But it wasn’t until the next song started that I knew I was listening to something special. Operator came through my headphones and I was just in a totally different world for 3 minutes and 48 seconds. He literally wrote a song about calling your ex with the intention of telling them off and that you’re fine without them, and then hanging up before the call is ever picked up on the other end.

He is able to take scenarios like that and weave them in with excellent guitar playing, and an always palpable energy. You probably know his hit, Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown (apparently there is a real Leroy Brown out there), but I highly encourage you to listen to his Photographs & Memories album- comprised of his greatest hits. And THEN when you’re done with that one, listen to Lost Time in a Bottle to hear some live performances. That’s truly where Croce passion shines through.

I’ve attached both albums below. This is what I’m currently listening to… hell I am probably on any given day listening to at least one Croce song. I will only cry for 10 minutes if you tell me don’t love him, but I still encourage you to do so in the comments if that’s how you feel… it’ll build some character or something.

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