On The Rise: bülow

The first artist I want to talk about in On The Rise is bülow. I came across her doing what I always do- searching for her. Well, not necessarily her, but an artist that is up and coming on the streaming platforms trying to get their music heard. bülow is a 17 year old currently living in the Netherlands, and with only 3 songs on Spotify, she’s already Image result for bulow singermaking waves. When I first heard her catchy track, “Not A Love Song,” about 3 weeks ago, it had around 6,000 plays. Today? The track boasts almost 700,000 plays. It goes without saying she is a potential pop sensation in the making.

Her tracks rely heavily on synthetic beats and steady background vocals to deliver an upbeat hit. The production is clean and the vocals crisp, which already puts her above some of the things that I come across on Spotify or SoundCloud. Her other two tracks out, “Lines,” and “Like This Guy,” are similar in the sense that they are relatable without being too comfortable. On “Like This Guy,” her vocals are a stand out from the rest, and the way she lays the track down with crisp delivery while still telling an over-arching story is impressive. I definitely wasn’t writing at that level when I was her age.

Overall, while bülow may not be a major change in wind, she is definitely a breath of fresh air in the crossings over of pop, electronic, R&B and dance. For me, I will definitely be looking forward to listening to her new stuff, but for now, I’ve attached her Damaged Vol. 1 below.


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