Concert Review: The Revivalists

7 Nov. 2017 — Paradise Rock Club. Boston, MA

I had the opportunity to see The Revivalists at Paradise Rock Club for free as part of a toy drive being held by one of the local radio stations. So with this, I expected the band to play maybe 45-60 min. We didn’t pay to get in so they didn’t really “owe” us anything. At least, that has been my experience in the past with free shows.

I was so wrong.

They played for between 1 1/2 and 2 hrs straight. They came on promptly and played a two song encore. I can honestly say it was one of the most energetic and passionate shows I’ve seen in recent date. Lead singer David Shaw is a force to be reckoned with when he takes the stage, even more so when he (literally) lets his hair down while rocking out.

The highlights obviously included their hit single, “Wish I Knew You,” which is the song that initially sparked my interest in the band. 10 years coming, this single definitely is a mature, more calculated version of their previous songs. The energy was nothing less than electric when the opening riff began to blast through the speakers.

The band never lost speed. It gained its momentum from the fans who knew every word and fed off of the energy right up until their two song encore. Another highlight being “It Was A Sin,” another track off of their Men Amongst Mountains album. While the song starts slow, the smooth melody and delivery from Shaw could be felt throughout everyone in the room. The lyrics are haunting and mesmerizing. While every song was delivered as if it was their last, this one especially resonated with me and I would buy tickets to their next show just to see it again.

Overall, The Revivalists did more than just impress me, they gained me as a lifelong fan. Their music alone hooked me, but feeling the enthusiasm and raw emotion they brought to the stage is what sunk me.

If you’re looking to catch one of their shows they are out on tour right now; here’s the link to their dates.

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